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[ Torrent-Torrenty.Pl ] - One Way Trip Pl 2011 - New Release

Sequencing technology is evolving rapidly and during the course of 2011 several new sequencing platforms were released. Of note were the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) and the Pacific Biosciences (PacBio) RS that are based on revolutionary new technologies.

[ Torrent-Torrenty.Pl ] - One Way Trip Pl 2011 - new release


In recent years, the sequencing industry has been dominated by Illumina, who have adopted a sequencing-by-synthesis approach [3], utilizing fluorescently labeled reversible-terminator nucleotides, on clonally amplified DNA templates immobilized to an acrylamide coating on the surface of a glass flowcell. The Illumina Genome Analyzer and more recently the HiSeq 2000 have set the standard for high throughput massively parallel sequencing, but in 2011 Illumina released a lower throughput fast-turnaround instrument, the MiSeq, aimed at smaller laboratories and the clinical diagnostic market.

The v1.0 translation of OFF was released on September 8, 2011, and the more well-known v2.0 translation was released on December 25, 2012. Both of these were done by Reconstructed Dragon (RecDra) on the Starmen.Net forums.

This posting provides two separate releases of the same document, declassified 30 years apart (1981 and 2011). Each version contains portions excised in the other. Though no date is given, judging from citations in the footnotes The Battle for Iran was written in or after 1974. It is marked "Administrative - Working Paper" and contains a number of handwritten edits. The author was a member of the CIA's History Staff who acknowledges "the enthusiastic cooperation" of the agency's Directorate of Operations. The author provides confirmation that most of the relevant files were destroyed in 1962; therefore the account relies on the relatively few remaining records as well as on public sources. The vast majority of the covert action portion (Section III) remains classified, although the most recent declassification of the document leaves in some brief, but important, passages. An unexpected feature of the document (Appendix C) is the inclusion of a series of lengthy excerpts of published accounts of the overthrow designed, apparently, to underscore how poorly the public understood the episode at the time.


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