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Aileen is often called "The Queen Of Mean" because of her penchant for humiliation phone sex. She loves playing your strict no taboos Mistress and making you weak(er) by any means necessary, including cock and ball torture, small penis humiliation, and no-limits roleplay. Although verbal abuse is her forte, Mistress Aileen is versatile and can also be a sweet and sensual domme or even your partner in non-BDSM-centric phone sex. She loves being your anything goes sex therapist, and feels like it's a symptom of the patriarchal society we live in that men are discouraged from pursuing traditional therapy. Most of all, she wants to be the person in your life you can really, truly ALWAYS "say anything" to, no matter what -- and firmly believes everyone deserves to have someone in their life like this. Aileen has a degree in Gender Studies, all the better to exploit the emotionally diseased psyches of limp-dicked losers like you. When she's not helping men cry or cum (or both), she's probably playing guitar, having hot lesbian sex with her girlfriend, re-reading her personal Bible (The S.C.U.M. Manifesto), or hanging out with her adorable dogs. Call her now at 888-792-6198!

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