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[S2E8] Rage Against The TV

[S2E8] Rage Against The TV --->

[S2E8] Rage Against The TV

Realizing they need another TV to play the game, they try to go to Skips for help, but he doesn't own a TV, and tells them to go to Pops. However, Pops doesn't have a TV either, but thinks an old-fashioned radio is a suitable replacement. They decide to get help from Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost by using their TV, and by describing what the Hammer looks like, they agree to help, but only to see Mordecai and Rigby lose against the Hammer. However, they neglect to unplug the power cable and Muscle Man drops it. Now with Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost tagging along, they go to their last hope for a TV; Benson's place.

Tropes appearing in this episode include: A Child Shall Lead Them: Mezato's involvement with the Psycho Helmet Faith. She is one of the primary organizers, despite only being in the eighth grade. Here, she organizes a team to photograph Mob crossing the marathon's finish line; he never makes it there. Angst Nuke: Mob standing in the midst of his burning home in front of his family's bodies. His explosion counter hits % while he's still conscious; the rage and grief erupting from his body unleash a wall of flame, shattering a nearby window. He's just getting started. Immune to Fire: Mentioned earlier in the manga, but not the anime. Inukawa, his early-childhood acquaintance, notes at one point that Mob could pass his hands through flames without pain or damage, and wasn't shy about demonstrating it. It comes as quite a shock to his grieving neighbors. They seem to interpret his walking into his family's merrily crackling home as suicide, perhaps out of survivor guilt. Knight of Cerebus: Shou, appearing unannounced at the Kageyamas' in an abrupt The Call Knows Where You Live moment. Mood Whiplash: From wholesome, sweet slice-of-life territory and a personal point of pride for Mob... to the scene that ends the episode. Nightmare Face: The expression on Mob's face upon seeing what appear to be the charred husks of his family.

Gabe pleads for his life before Godric breaks his neck. Eric arrives immediately after and an alarm sounds through the Fellowship of the Sun compound. Godric orders Eric to save himself and Sookie while avoiding human casualties. Jason has an exchange with Sarah after being shot with a paint gun, twice. Sarah tells Jason that they're holding Sookie and insults her by calling her a liar and a fangbanger. Jason flies into a rage and disarms Sarah, then drives back to the church compound to help Sookie.

As the night progresses, the park visitors start to get spooked by the movies and the eerie atmosphere of the park. Mordecai and Rigby realize that more than just funds are being raised. As the night darkens, people start to report ghostly sightings around the park and Mordecai and Rigby find themselves in a race against time to figure out what is going on. With the help of Benson, they must solve the mystery of the ghostly sightings before it's too late.

Regular Show's episode "Over the Top" sees the unlikely duo of Skips and Rigby have to face an even more unlikely foe - Death! When Skips accidentally kills Rigby, he must compete against Death in an arm wrestle competition to bring Rigby back to life. This episode certainly takes the show to a whole new level of hilarity and absurdity, as Skips and Death arm wrestle for the fate of Rigby.

As they are walking through the forest, Mulan notices the burns on Aurora's arms and confronts her about it. Aurora states that she rubbed against some poison ivy, which Mulan does not believe. Mulan promised Phillip that she would protect Aurora and tells her not to keep returning to the Netherworld, if she is in danger there. However Aurora tells Mulan that it is her turn to help someone, and that she is doing this with or without Mulan's approval.

Aurora goes back to sleep a little while later, where she sees Henry again amidst the smoke and flames. The two attempt to communicate as the flames rage and Henry attempts to tell her of the jar of ink in Rumplestiltskin's cell at the ruins of their castle. Before Aurora can understand Henry or respond, Mulan wakes Aurora, causing her to be sucked up into a void and back into consciousness, where the group is under attack by the zombies that Cora summoned. Aurora and Mulan run off together, but are attacked by a group of zombies. One pins Mulan to the ground while the others drag away a screaming Aurora.

Aurora is imprisoned in the cell beneath the former Haven. Cora comes in carrying a tray of stew. A stoic Aurora informs her that she will not be eating, as she is fearful that the food may be poisoned. Cora laughs and says that Aurora is more useful to her alive than dead, as she intends to trade Aurora for the magic compass. Aurora states that this is a bad idea, as she is a stranger to Mary Margaret and Emma and the two of them want to get home, and will do anything to do so, including sacrificing her. Cora informs Aurora she may not know her companions as well as she thinks. Cora then tells Aurora that when the Wraith sucked the soul from Phillip, the soul was not in fact destroyed, but was sent to another world. Cora hints that if Aurora cooperates with her, she may be able to summon Phillip's soul back to the Enchanted Forest. Aurora does not believe her and rebukes her, standing up angrily and upsetting the tray of food. An angry Cora flings the "plucky" girl against the wall with her magic, knocking Aurora unconscious.

Back in the Enchanted Forest Mulan crushes a poppy flower with her blade until it becomes poppy dust. Mary Margaret settles against a tree while Emma holds her hand and tells her to say "hi" to Henry. Mulan then blows the dust into Mary Margaret's face, putting her to sleep

Meanwhile, Cora comes down to find the cell empty and Hook standing there by himself. He tells Cora that he let Aurora go. In a rage she flings him up against the wall and binds him with rock manacles. She rips out his hook and moves to cut his chest open with it, but Hook then tells her to look in his satchel, saying that he has brought Cora a present. Cora looks inside and gasps at what is in there: the heart of Aurora which was ripped out by Hook. Cora uses the heart to control Aurora, and she can see and hear whatever is going on. Through Aurora, Cora tells the group that Hook is trustworthy and likes Emma. As she hears that the small group are headed for Rumplestiltskin's cell, she smiles an evil smile.

Emma decides to come clean to Sheriff Acosta about the fire at Wren Lake Estates, despite pleading opposition from Eli Hudson. In his office, Acosta warns Emma to stay away from Eli, for he has a dark past involving a girl from Atlanta who has a restraining order against him.

Later, everyone arrives at the fairgrounds to celebrate the Centennial. Zoe Vaughn is really nervous about giving a speech, especially since she knows that Noah will be watching. To take the edge off, she produces a flask of alcohol, which she shares with Brooke. Eli catches up with Emma and tries to smooth things over with her. He swears that he would never do anything to harm her, and brusquely grabs her arm. Kieran catches sight of the two talking and intervenes when he sees Eli getting a little too handsy with Emma. He warns him about telling Emma stories and Eli responds with, "It's not like I told her about the worst part". Kieran flies into a rage and punches Eli in the face several times.

This beating is getting pretty scary, and James has picked up a pipe, when all of a sudden, Beard is rescued. By whom By Red Dress' boyfriend, who's been in pursuit this entire time. It turns out that he wasn't chasing Beard in order to hurt him in a jealous rage, at least not entirely. He was chasing Beard in order to return his wallet and his phone. And, for at least the third time in the episode, Beard dropped his keys, so RD's boyfriend is returning those, too.

Kristen meets up with Alec at the country club for a drink. She tells him about serving Ted with divorce papers. Alec asks her to dinner, she hesitates but agrees.At the cemetery, Dan organizes a search and for everything to be roped off since that was the last place Theresa was. When Alec arrives, Dan flips out and pushes him against one of the police cars. Dan wants to know what he told her when she was his attorney. 59ce067264


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