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Where To Buy Holiday Stamps

Whether you want to send a greeting or holiday card, mail in an absentee ballot, pay a bill, or connect with some quarantine pen pals, it's always useful to have some stamps on hand. It costs 60 cents to send a domestic 1-ounce, standard-sized envelope through the United States Postal Service, making it an affordable way to correspond with people in a tactile, memorable way.

where to buy holiday stamps

A booklet of 20 stamps comes out to around $12. The beauty of "forever" stamps is that you can still use them even when the price of mailing a letter goes up. If you find a roll of forever stamps from 2016, when the price was 47 cents, you can still stick one on an envelope today and drop it into a mailbox.

This is a given, but depending on the time of the day, the customer service queue can get long. If you just need stamps, use one of the electronic self-service kiosks (where available) instead; there are usually no lines to use them. The downside is that you won't be able to buy specialty stamps.

The post office's website offers a variety of stamps, from the standard US Flag to seasonal (e.g., Christmas, Diwali, Kwanzaa, Halloween) and themed options (e.g., Peanuts characters, the James Webb Space Telescope images, elephants), as well as notable Americans like Edmonia Lewis, Eugenie Clark, Chien-Shiung Wu, and Pete Seeger. The site lets you filter by color, shape, theme, denomination, and more.

Everywhere from grocery stores to pharmacies to office supply stores often sell stamps. Instead of just chancing whether your local Publix or Kroger has them, you can find out using USPS's location tool. Put in your zip code and choose "national retailer" from the drop-down location menu. Depending on where you live, you'll get results like Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, and Staples. Keep in mind that these locations often only sell booklets, so you won't be able to purchase stamps individually. And most stores only carry them at their physical locations

Costco also sells stamps, in 100-count batches, making it a good option for businesses and prolific letter writers. They aren't available online and may not be in every store location. Sam's Club will let you purchase stamps online, however.

Some banks and credit unions sell stamps through their ATMs or tellers. This varies by location, but the next time you are doing a transaction, check to see if they offer stamps as well. Fifth Third Bank lets you filter by locations that sell stamps when you search for an ATM or branch on its website. A representative for Wells Fargo said the bank is no longer selling stamps.

You can also request stamps from your mail carrier, who will provide you with an order form. You can order by phone at 1-800-STAMP-24 (800-782-6724). If your business needs to buy stamps in bulk, you can call that number or email Those keen to start collecting can also page through the USA Philatelic catalog and use its order form.

Note: Minted, Zazzle, and other gift sites used to sell personalized stamps, but the USPS discontinued the program in June 2020. You can still send mail with any leftover postage you may have bought previously.

Skip the long lines at your local post office by ordering Christmas postage stamps online! Postage can be ordered from the following online vendors, though each have their strengths and weaknesses regarding price, selection and shipping speeds. Stamps can be purchased in sheets of 20 featuring a handful of designs and are valid postage for all 1 oz envelopes. (Rolls of holiday stamps are not available).

There was an official USPS store on eBay where you could pay the same prices as you will at your local post office but they removed all of their products in late 2020. Alternatively, Ebay also offers Christmas stamps sold by individuals and businesses from both current and previous years making it the best place to find older Christmas stamps as well as affordable ones that have recently been issued.

Minted had sold postage in three different face values ($0.63, $0.87 and $0.48) which are not offered by the USPS for their holiday designs. Now there are no holiday-themed stamps available for postcards, 2 oz letters or square envelope Christmas mailings.

Since Shutterfly is a popular choice for printing Christmas photo cards, in the past they offered custom holiday postage stamps to compliment their holiday cards. But after the USPS ended it's custom postage program in the summer of 2020, you can no longer purchase postage from Shutterfly.

Nationwide, Postal Service officials report that there are more than 650 consignees in the Stamps to Go program, representing more than 64,000 locations that provide customers with the opportunity to purchase stamps at no additional cost.

To find grocery stores and other locations selling stamps, consumers can use the Find Locations tool at Merchants considering adding stamps for cashier checkouts, bank teller stations, ATMs or added to merchandise sales can contact the Stamps to Go coordinators.

Please Note: For broadcast quality video and audio, photo stills and other media resources, visit the USPS Newsroom at A complete list of the holiday shipping deadlines can be found at

For reporters interested in speaking with a regional Postal Service public relations professional, please go to Follow us on Twitter (, Instagram (, Pinterest (, LinkedIn (, subscribe to our channel on YouTube (, like us on Facebook ( and view our Postal Postsblog (

The USPS follows a federal holiday structure in which Post Office buildings are closed and shipping services are not available. Since postal holidays may differ from other bank, school and local government holidays, make sure to take note of the following and plan your shipping needs around them.

If you and most of your recipients celebrate Christmas, you can't go wrong with these festive holiday wreath stamps. Each booklet comes with 20 Forever Stamps, meaning that even if the price to send a standard envelope via first-class mail increases in the future, these stamps will still work.

In 1775, Benjamin Franklin was appointed first Postmaster General by the Continental Congress. This means that the United States Postal Service (USPS), in one shape or form, is even older than the United States itself. Our USPS Stamp Guide will cover where to buy stamps as well as a number of topics surrounding the history, purchase, and use of stamps.

Where can you buy postage stamps? Why, at the post office of course! The best and most convenient place to buy postage stamps is at your local US post office. They will have stamps available for various envelope sizes and someone there who can answer any of your questions regarding postal services.

Stamp collectors are known as philatelists. Collectible stamps can be purchased in-person at antique stores and at specialty booths in markets. There are also plenty of online resources, such asThe American Philatelic Society, Delcampe, Arpin Philately, and Postbeeldthat are dedicated to the buying and selling of collectible stamps.

The nice part about ordering stamps online is that you can choose from a selection of commemorative designs and specialty patterns. Many designed stamps are the same price as regular stamps whilst highlighting anything from The First Moon Landing, to Woodstock, to Sesame Street, to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Kroger has USPS postage stamps available for purchase any day of the week, with many locations open late or 24/7. One downside to Kroger is that they do not sell individual stamps, but booklets and sheets are available. Similar to Walmart, Kroger has the added benefit of offering a variety of other stationery supplies.

While there are not a lot of banks or ATMs that have stamps available for purchase, there are some that do. This is sometimes a frustrating experience, as the banks that do sell stamps do not have them available at every branch or ATM. Both Wells Fargo and US Bank are two banks known to carry postage stamps.

If a holiday falls on a Sunday, when the post office is already closed, the closing holiday may be moved to the following Monday. Check the holiday calendar for the current year to see the exact date of closure.

Planning to make handmade Christmas cards this year? Check out the Classic Christmas Sentiments clear stamp set. Stamp one of the large, traditional holiday sentiment stamps on the front of your card (or gift tag). Then use one of the completer phrases for the inside of your card (or on the back of your gift tag). Add some Christmas-themed die cuts and your work is done. You'll have beautiful handmade Christmas or holiday cards finished in no time at all!

The holiday mailing season is expected to be a busy one. USPS said its busiest time begins two weeks before Christmas, and customer traffic at post office locations typically starts increasing the week of Dec. 5.

There are stamps for everyone to adorn your holiday cards and letters, ranging in subjects from Madonna and Child to Christmas carols, from winter berries to wreaths, from Hanukkah to Kwanzaa, from The Snowy Day to Sparkling Holidays, and more.

Remember, Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price. You may buy as many stamps and other philatelic products as you want from Post Office locations, The Postal Store online, by calling 800-STAMP24 (800-782-6724), or by mail through USA Philatelic.

Christmas is an expensive time of year for many families, leaving many to wonder how much they can afford to spend on gifts and meals. SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, can help expand the food budget of many low-income Americans this holiday season. Food stamps may not be able to get you everything on your Christmas dinner list, but they can certainly help. 041b061a72


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