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Jewellers Who Buy Second Hand Jewellery __TOP__

We offer an excellent choice of vintage, antique and second hand jewellery. All of our jewellery is fully guaranteed for two years and securely shipped to you free of charge. Each item we sell and service we supply is backed by a high standard of care that we have been proudly providing since 1968. Our friendly team look forward to dealing with you either online or in store. Our Rickmansworth store. also stocks an excellent selection of high quality new jewellery.

jewellers who buy second hand jewellery

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We specialise in buying and selling second hand jewellery, so be rest assured that you will receive a fair and decent current market price. We are Members of the National Association of Jewellers and Company of Master Jewellers and advocate their codes of conduct.

Second hand, vintage and antique jewellery is our main focus and we have great expertise in this area. If you are looking to sell jewellery, we would be very interested to see it and make you a no obligation offer.

If you decide to accept our offer, we can pay you by cheque, immediate bank transfer or cash for your jewellery. We will increase our offer by 30% if you opt to accept a store credit instead. So if you are looking to buy a gift for a loved one or replace your unwanted jewellery with something else, this may be the perfect option for you. We have a wide choice of second hand, antique and new jewellery to choose from.

Over the years, pre-owned jewellery has had many negative connotations, typically seen as low-quality, cheap and unreliable. However, the used jewellery market has really taken off in recent years, with a huge influx in the number of reputable online jewellers selling pre-owned jewellery.

Did you know that most high-street jewellers have a mark-up in excess of 300% on new jewellery? This means that your jewellery instantly loses value when you walk out the store, leaving you in a loss if you ever decide to re-sell your piece. This mark-up is even more significant with new diamond jewellery, typically losing over 50% of its value the second that you leave the jewellery store.

One of the key benefits of buying second hand jewellery is the price. Whilst new jewellery is known to have extreme mark-ups at high-street retailers this is rarely the case with pre-owned jewellery. This means that you can usually get a lot more for your money with pre-owned jewellery; instead of buying a brand new 6mm rope chain, maybe you can now afford a second hand 10mm belcher chain?

At Foxhills we're proud to have one of the largest selections of pre-loved jewellery in the country. Many people are happy to buy second-hand items, and understand the benefits, but some people have misconceptions about buying second hand.

This is probably the most obvious one, but buying second-hand jewellery allows you to save a lot of money when compared to buying new. Jewellery stores often add considerable mark-ups to new jewellery, which means you end up paying much for a piece than you otherwise would.

"Second-hand jewellery" is a name given to items that are either second, third, or fourth hand and are in good condition. These types of items include watches, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and chokers.

Selling second-hand jewellery is gaining popularity. People often think that they are only selling valuables or that they are only selling to people with a lot of wealth, but this couldn't be further from the truth. There are many people who have a lot of jewellery but are not interested in wearing or selling it. These people are perfect candidates for the second-hand market to sell old jewellery.

The internet has opened up the world to eCommerce. Selling things online can be basic and productive. Yet, selling valuable metals and diamonds is somewhat unique. You can definitely search for 'jewellers who buy second hand jewellery near me' while attempting to track down buyers for used jewellery pieces. Therefore, the first thing you must do before choosing your used jewellery buyer is to ask for a quotation and compare the value you're getting from different buyers.

The best way to sell old jewellery pieces is to sell them to second-hand buyers, which is why people like to search for more second-hand buyers, and fewer people turn to new and used jewels because it's often hard to know what condition they might be in.

It is also interesting to note that second-hand jewellery pieces are hugely popular. Often the Old Jewellery Buyers find a treasure in the used items they're sold and sell them on to make more money. Hence, if you find your jewellery no more sparkling or looking forward to buying a new one, you can sell them to second-hand jewellery buyers.

There are so many wonderful jewellery designers, it can seem silly to buy "used" jewellery. But jewellery, like fashion, goes through fads and trends, and what the shops are selling may not be to your personal taste. You may have developed a collection of mainstream contemporary pieces, and are ready to branch out into your own unique style. You may have lost a loved old heirloom, and want to replace it with something from a similar era. Whatever the reason, buying second-hand jewellery is an excellent way to add to your collection.

When you've found your personal style and taste in jewellery, you're really at the mercy of fashion trends to source new pieces, if you shop at traditional jewellers who only carry new inventory. If what is popular today isn't what you love, then you have the second-hand selections--the jewellery world is, if not your Mikimoto pearls, at least your oyster and you can find whatever you love. Think about all the times you've complimented a friend on a really striking necklace or bracelet, and you've been told that it was inherited, or it's second-hand. Older jewellery has a pizzazz all its own, and it stands out among the trends. Once you've determined your style, you can look to send-jewellery for pieces that suit you, and learn what are the trends in jewellery design in different periods.

These suggestions from an American jewellery dealer are good to keep in mind before you buy. There is plenty of second hand costume jewellery that is wonderful and extravagant and worthy of collecting, but if your interest is fine--genuine stones and pure metals--you want to ensure that's what you're buying.

Diamond and sapphire drop earrings are a wonderful beginning to a second-hand collection. They're big enough to go out to dressy nights out, but not so over the top that you can't dress them down for a great night out. These are the epitome of Art Deco style, with the calibre-cut sapphires, platinum setting, and delicate filigree surrounding the diamonds.

Victorian jewellery doesn't get much attention, probably because the Queen stopped wearing much jewellery after the death of Prince Albert, and jewellers were in a bit of a lull for years. This stunning ring, with a 1.90 carat centre stone, dates from the late Victorian era, when this sort of vertical plaque ring came into vogue. The surrounding diamonds are either rose or old cut--the prevalent cuts in those days. Gold charms are always charming, whether they're loaded onto a bracelet or, for a more modern look, put on a necklace.

Part of the excitement in collecting second hand jewellery is the thrill of the hunt--you never know what you're going to find in jewellery shops, estate auctions, and online. Buying anything online has inherent risk; if you do so, ensure that you're dealing with a reputable jeweller before you complete the transaction.

Whether you are completing your collection of second-hand jewellery or just getting interested in starting a collection, Jacobs is here to guide you through choosing and purchasing your fine pieces. We invite you to visit our shop and view our collection, or peruse online, and contact us with any questions. We are happy to reserve a second-hand piece if jewellery if you would like to examine it personally.

First and the foremost on going about is knowing the resalevalue of your old jewellery. You willfind an array of jewellery price calculators online with live market pricesthat you can use or you have your jewellery appraised first hand by aprofessional jewellery appraiser. Then you will have a ballpark figure on howmuch the jeweller should pay you for your old jewellery.

In that time we have established a collection of second hand rings, bracelets, watches, and other jewellery. From modern silver designs to classic Edwardian pieces, we constantly refresh our lines to ensure we meet our customers expectations.

It is indeed a fact that diamond is the hardest known substance to man. It also explains why diamond is such a suitable material to use in jewellery, particularly engagement rings which, by their nature, are worn daily and are often subjected to a fair amount of heavy handling!

At Michael Lynes Jewellers we buy and sell second hand jewellery and gold. Michael will make two offers, one for payment immediately, and the other at an increased rate for part exchange payment against an item in stock, a repair or other service.

Genuine second-hand jewellery will generally always come with a certificate of authenticity. There are a number of organisations that certify jewellery and gems in the United Kingdom, including the National Association of Jewellers.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of second-hand jewellery dealers who forge documents. Before you go ahead and purchase a pre-loved piece, check the documents for spelling mistakes or blurring printing.

The Argyll Arcade is home to a myriad of stores all pleased to trade in second hand jewellery.A number of retailers are on hand to offer professional and understanding advice about buying and selling pre-owned jewellery. Understandably making the decision to sell a watch of piece of jewellery may seem a little daunting, however, dedicated teams are on hand to offer extensive support.For those interested in purchasing pre-owned jewellery or timepieces, staff are proud to offer advice and guide clients through the process of finding the right piece to suit their needs. 041b061a72


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