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In many ways, our new 5-year strategic plan was inspired by your partnership, belief, and investments in our powerful outcomes. We are glad to share our sharpened and clarified mission and vision, as well as the pillars and priorities that will drive our efforts to scale our impact on the lives of our unhoused neighbors. This requires all of us doing our part and doing our part well. Working together, we can make a deep and lasting difference in Silicon Valley.

Pillar (3) mp4

Our rain pillars are of a Unique design, ideal for inducing states of DEEP RELAXATION. The sound is initiated by simpally turning the pillar onto one side. This activates the continuous flow that lasts as per the size of the Pillar.

SEM image of the micropatterned environment with well-defineddiameter,distance, and height of pillars through which the amoeba traversed(A) and sketch of the different cases of loading that were observedin the studies. Amoeba entering the microstructured interface withoutadditional loading (B), with spheres smaller than the micropillargap (C), with spheres larger than the gap (D), and with rods witha diameter smaller and a length larger than the gap (E).

A. castellanii migratingthroughthe micropillar array after phagocytosing a cylindrical particle witha diameter smaller than the gap between pillars, but a length largerthan the gap. Three different scenarios were observed. Cell (A) guidesthe rod through the structure by turning it parallel to the surface(oriented in the direction of motion), (B) turns the rod perpendicularto the surface before guiding it through the pillars, or (C) carriesthe rod above the structure. Opening between pillars is marked withred dots. Location of the particle is indicated by a red arrow inthe first frame of each phase contrast image sequence.

Recently, it has been shown that the nucleus of cells is a decisivefactor in determining if cells are able to move through confiningenvironments.20 Although the nucleus isa relatively stiff cellular object, it is still dynamic and adaptivein that it can open and reseal during cell migration through narrowgaps.2 In A. castellanii trophozoites, one might assume that their motion through tiny constrictionsis hindered by the largest vacuole in their supercrowded cytoplasm.However, we observed that the vacuoles were adapted to the size ofthe pillar gap, thus showing the ability of these human pathogensto adapt to various structures in their environment. In addition tothe geometric blockage of cell migration by a large cellular objectsuch as the nucleus, other aspects such as adhesiveness, contractility,and cell stiffness have been discussed.21 In our experiments, the adhesion between PDMS and cells can be expectedto be the same all over the array. However, we cannot exclude thepossibility that cell adhesion, stiffness, and contractility are differentinside and outside of the array. This could contribute to the adaptionof vacuole size inside the micropillar structures.

Qualitatively,our observations showed that the micropillars ratherprovided obstacles for cell migration. This was also manifested bythe impact of micropillars on the motion of intracellular particles.The particles move inside the amoeba and are actively driven, butthe cavities between micropillars appear to catch them and the transitionbetween such cavities is fast and straight. The situation is reminiscentof particles moving in porous actin networks.22 Characterizing the intracellular motion in A. castellanii is important as it contributes to its pathogenicity, and activetransport is a dominant contribution.23,24 However, itis important to note here that the values of the diffusive exponentmentioned in the Results section are absolutevalues of intracellular motion and thus also include absolute cellmotion; however, it is possible to separate these aspects outsideof micropillar structures,9 this is notpossible here because of the nonuniform shape of the cellular outline.Hence, our result that particle motion is changed inside the micropatternalso reflects that cell motion is hindered inside the micropattern.Still, our result is similar to the diffusive exponent determinedfor endogenous intracellular vacuoles,9 where it had been shown that cellular motion strongly drives intracellularmotion in A. castellanii trophozoites.

Letterboxing will occur instead of pillarboxing if the input aspect ratio is wider than the output aspect ratio. For example, an input with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio fit into a 16:9 output will result in letterboxing.

This option scales the source frame to fit within the output frame without any distortion or cropping. Black bars may be added to the top and bottom (letter-box) or sides (pillar-box) of the video as needed.

During our boarding assembly Mr Gordon introduced the next pillar that we will be working on: Online safety or Online life.Polina and Dasha will be our advocated for this and during the following weeks they will provide us with fun but interesting learning objectives around this topic.

Being in an International boarding school gives the students many opportunities to form deep and strong connections with other students from all over the world.This brings many challenges but mostly also a lot of benefits and great experiences!The upcoming weeks we will dive deeper into this pillar and work on several projects.

YouTube allows users to upload different types of media formats and the freedom to use plenty of different dimensions. In fact, videos in smaller ratios tend to have black bars (known as pillarbox) to make them fit into the YouTube player without cropping your content. 041b061a72


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