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Anthony Lewis
Anthony Lewis

100 Vaginas (2019)

it was good and i am absolutely head over heels in love with the nb person in the grey top but it also lacked something in an effort to constantly look arty. i wish it had been 2 episodes instead of a one off special so that more ppl were allowed to really talk about their relationships to their vaginas.i also wish there hadnt been so many cutesie etsy vag drawings thrown in every two minutes

100 Vaginas (2019)


She further mentions how this usually concealed part of women is crucial in defining our being and our intimate experiences of pleasure and pain (Ash, 2019). The initial notion of objectification, then, can be considered an act against sexual objectification itself, attempting to break taboos and remove the shame surrounding vaginas. The novel and bold visuals, but more so the various participating women, strip away the absurd normalisation of vulvas and bodies in the media whilst simultaneously normalising the female body" (Mangan, 2019). Dodsworth further argues that the shock value of her images goes hand-in-hand with their educational value (Dodsworth as cited in Harvey, 2019). 041b061a72


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