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Buy Lamp Parts

At Color Cord Company, we offer all the lamp parts you need to ensure your DIY light fixtures are uniquely designed, safe, and easy to use. We love helping designers, contractors, architects, and DIYers everywhere bring their creative visions to life using our quality lighting parts and accessories. Shop our supply of lamp making supplies to create one-of-a-kind pendant lights, chandeliers, wall-mounted fixtures, and more!

buy lamp parts

Once upon a time, you had to shell out a ton of money for any type of custom lighting. Today, Color Cord Company has made personalized lighting much more accessible for everyone. With our distinctive lamp parts that are compatible with many types of fixtures, DIYers with just a little bit of electrical experience can design their own home lighting safely and easily.

Our online store makes customizing every part of your project simple. Our finish options are available for nearly every type of lamp part. From our canopies and socket/covers to tubing and fittings, choose the same finish for each component to guarantee a perfect match. You can also browse our massive selection of cord colors for a cord that complements your finish style.

Color Cord Company is an industry leader in design for professionals and creative DIYers alike. From lamp parts to cloth covered electrical wires, we love all of the elements that make DIY projects fun, easy, and creative.

Whether its chandeliers, sconces, floor standing lamps, finials, ceiling fans or lamp shades in either traditional or contemporary styles, Atlanta's Lux Lighting is your one-stop destination for fine lighting and accessories.

We are a mail order company that has been doing business for 33 years. We specialize in service and products for lamp crafters around the world. Our efforts are directed toward introducing the art to beginners, supplying dedicated hobbyists, cottage industry, craft retailers, small manufacturers and craft teachers.

We have been serving our customers since 1930 with quality lamp and lighting parts. Classic Lamp Parts and W.N. deSherbinin are 2 companies working together. Our goal is to bring you the widest assortment of Lighting and Lamp components and to being you the best possible service.

We carry a wide variety of parts from elctrical parts to hardware, glassware and fabric shades. We carry a full selection of shades including glass student shades, fabric shades both hardbacks, soft shades and paper shades in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes. We also carry a full line of parts for chandelier and sconces, including canopies, crystal prisms, chains, bobesches, candle covers, back plates, and globes. You will also find an extensive selection of hardware including harps, sockets, switches, pipe, lamp bases, bulbs, wire, shade holders, finials and much more.

Why throw away an old, antique lamp in your home when you can repair it? Restore your lamp in no time with our electrical cords. We offer multiple colors such as black, brown, white, silver, golden, and more, so you can blend them into your home or office decor with ease. Additionally, we offer two lengths, 8 and 12 feet, to help you reach distant outlets.

Our electrical products are made from high-quality materials and covered with a vinyl or rayon coating to ensure safety and durability. The robust material resists moisture and abrasion even after prolonged exposure to extreme conditions. Moreover, our replacement electrical cord has a polarized plug that ensures consistent power usage. Buy a single cord or save more with a pack of two! Browse our collection below and give your damaged lamp the lifeline it needs!

At Flos, we care about our products and customers. Whether you are looking for bulbs, or a new lampshade for your designer lamp, we try to make this experience as easy and fast as possible. Ordering from Flos also means that you get genuine parts that are made and tested for your lamp.

"Easily find the oil lamp parts you need to refurbish an antique lamp or repair an old fashioned hanging lantern. Select flat or round oil lamp wicks in the width your burner requires. Looking for oil candle wicks? We have those too. Obtain solid brass oil lamp burners, steel burners for dietz kerosene lanterns and others in between. Some burners are reproductions of antique models that expertly complement century old oil lamps. Choose a replacement glass chimney for just about any lamp or lantern style. We have everything necessary to get your heirloom oil lamp back in working condition. Scan our comprehensive oil lamp part information database for valuable FAQs, how-to-replace-a-part information and kerosene lamp knowledge. "

Lamp accessories such as spiders, vase caps, harps and finials as well as plugs, outlets, switches and other electrical components for wiring and repairing lamp bases. Nightlight bases for creating stained glass and fused glass nightlights.

Lamp bulbs and various parts of lamps are no exception. Therefore, while the design of a lamp is very important when choosing a lamp for any room, you also want to consider the type of lightbulb and hence the type of light it gives off. 041b061a72


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