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Money Heist (2017) Subtitles !FREE!

Parts 3 and 4 were also filmed back-to-back,[52] with 21 to 23 filming days per episode.[15] Netflix announced the start of filming on 25 October 2018,[28] and filming of part 4 ended in August 2019.[53] In 2018, Netflix had opened their first European production hub in Tres Cantos near Madrid for new and existing Netflix productions;[54] main filming moved there onto a set three times the size of the set used for parts 1 and 2.[55] The main storyline is set in the Bank of Spain in Madrid, but the exterior was filmed at the Ministry of Development complex Nuevos Ministerios.[55] A scene where money is dropped from the sky was filmed at Callao Square.[51] Ermita de San Frutos in Carrascal del Río served as the exterior of the Italian monastery where the robbers plan the heist.[45] The motorhome scenes of the Professor and Lisbon were filmed at the deserted Las Salinas beaches in Almería to make the audience feel that the characters are safe from the police although their exact location is undisclosed at first.[56] Underwater scenes inside the vault were filmed at Pinewood Studios in the United Kingdom.[21][57] The beginning of part 3 was also filmed in Thailand, on the Guna Yala islands in Panama, and in Florence, Italy,[46] which helped to counter the claustrophobic feeling of the first two parts,[15] but was also an expression of the plot's global repercussions.[58] Filming for the fifth and final season concluded on 14 May 2021.[59]

Money Heist (2017) subtitles




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