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Minelli - Confused


Minelli - Confused

Minnelli at one point appeared to become confused while presenting the award, saying, "I don't understand." But Gaga was there to help out, holding Minnelli's hand and telling her, "I got you." After the show, viewers commended Gaga, with one Twitter user saying it was "masterful" the way she was "able to navigate the situation to keep the show moving and safeguarding Liza's dignity."

When the star became a little confused about the order of their presentation, Lady Gaga reassured Liza and told her 'I got you,' to which Liza replied, 'I know.' The emotional exchange between the pair was obvious and fans were left in tears after seeing the kindness shared between the two women on stage.

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Sally Bowles Sally Bowles returns to Broadway when Cabaret officiallyopens at the Kit Kat Klub theater on Thursday. Sally has beenaround a long time and most people associate the role with LizaMinelli because of the huge success of the 1972 Bob Fosse film.Even the N.Y. Times article in the Arts and Leisure section todaycompares the "new" Sally, Natasha Richardson, with Liza. Liza wonan Oscar for her portrayal and I suppose that when one thinks ofSally Bowles, Liza's name is the first thing that comes to mind.However, Sally has a rich history with actresses on the GreatWhite Way.She first made her appearance in John Van Druten's I Am A Camera(based on Christopher Isherwood's The Berlin Stories) way backin 1951 at the Empire Theater on Broadway and Sally was portrayedby Julie Harris who won a Tony Award for her performance. Also in thecast was Marian Winters who won a Best Supporting Tony for her dramaticperformance in the role of Natalia Landauer, a role which was madeprominent in the film. The only other familiar character from thisproduction for Cabaret afficionados is that of Fraulein Schneider.It's interesting to see that there was a character listed as "ChristopherIsherwood" and this obviously was reincarnated as "Clifford Bradshaw"in the 1967 musical. An interesting side note is that the Tony Award forBest Director in 1952 went to Jose Ferrer for Stalag 17. WhenJulie Harris left the production, the role was taken over by BarbaraBaxley.Cabaret, the 1967 musical, was based on both the play I Am ACamera and The Berlin Stories and it, of course, is Broadwaylegend now after it picked up a slew of Tony nominations and awards. Therole of Sally was played by actress Jill Haworth on Broadway and when theshow opened in London, Judi Dench sang to the world..."What good is sittingalone in your room... come to the Cabaret!" Joel Grey won the Tonyfor his stirring performance as the Emcee in the Best Supporting Actorcategory, a role he would repeat in the film. While Haworth didn't pickup a Tony nomination both Lotte Lenya and Peg Murray did in the BestActress and Best Supporting Actress categories with Murray winning forher performance as Fraulein Kost, the lady who entertained the sixth fleet.Obviously there are some juicy roles in Cabaret, the stage musical,and this brings us to the film which is about Liza Minelli and not muchelse.There is no question that the film is a great one and Liza was certainlyperforming the role of a lifetime. The film is still based on the Isherwoodstories but it centers on Sally Bowles; leaving the other characters notas well developed as the stage musical. It's for this reason that I'll runto see a production of Cabaret and will only watch the film when I'min the mood for a Liza concert. The next Sally Bowles on Broadway was Alyson Reed in the 20th Anniversaryrevival in 1988. Both Alyson and Regina Resnik (Fraulein Schneider) werenominated for Ton


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