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Hitman Sniper

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Any mobile gamer looking to check out the adventures of bald, barcoded assassin Agent 47, star of the Hitman franchise, now has two divergent options to choose from. 2014's Hitman GO, one of the best iPhone games, reimagined the series's stealthy murder sequences as a classy, abstract board game. By comparison, Hitman: Sniper ($4.99) is a lot more conventional, boiling gameplay down to a succession of sniper rifle challenges. But even if the premise is stretched a little too thin, Hitman: Sniper isn't entirely without tricks.

Dead AimMissions in Hitman: Sniper play out basically the same each time. You're safely perched on a distant mountain aiming your sniper rifle at a luxurious house full of unsuspecting marks. You then have a handful of minutes to complete a few objectives, including taking out the target.

A new sage in the Hitman series is available now on mobile in the form of Hitman Sniper: The Shadows. The mobile sniper game is an action, role-playing game set in a wholly original Hitman story. As a member of The Shadows, players must embark on globe-trotting assignments, take down targets with stealth, engage in fierce competition, and build their reputation as the International Contract Agency (ICA) agents.

Hitman Sniper is out now on Android and iOS devices! Take out your targets with deadly precision and skilful silence to achieve increasingly better score multipliers and unlock awesome new sniper rifles.

Just like in Hitman: Sniper Challenge, which was officially released as a pre-order bonus for Hitman: Absolution, you can look forward taking out your targets in all kinds of different ways using the game's sandbox sniper environment. This time, however, the hit is set in Montenegro.

Brand new leaderboards lend the game a competitive edge that will call upon your ingenuity, timing and skill if you want to make it to the top. Completing more than 100 missions will allow you to unlock new sniper rifles that also come with their own abilities.

Parents needs to know that Hitman Sniper is an action game available for iOS and Android devices. While you are targeting nefarious types that threaten the world, you are using sniper rifles to stealthily shoot and kill people. There's no blood or gore, but you're encouraged to land headshots, and kill targets in creative ways that doesn't arouse suspicion. The game also includes references and imagery tied to alcohol and narcotics.

HITMAN SNIPER: THE SHADOWS takes place after the disappearance of Agent 47, the protagonist from the Hitman series, and focuses on a half-dozen skilled assassins called The Shadows. The campaign follows this covert agency's efforts to stealthily take down targets around the globe, comprised of criminals that threaten global stability. From "the shadows," players zoom in, aim and kill targets with headshots, or use the environment to make their deaths look like an accident, such as shooting something that can crush the person, making the target fall into an object that could kill them, or taking out something nearby that causes an explosion. Each of the six snipers have a backstory, personality, and special skill. You can level up your weapons, too, such as equipping a muzzle, better scopes, or bumping up power, multi-kills, and more. Hitman Sniper: The Shadows also features a player vs. player (PvP) online mode, where players can compete against others in multiple contracts, in different parts of the world, as well as Daily Tasks and Weekly Assignments you can take on.

Similar to 2015's Hitman: Sniper, the contracts are a bit of a puzzle, as you need to figure out the best way to take out these high-profile targets, including nearby loyal minions, without raising much suspicion. This makes the game more challenging than just aiming and sniping. But while there's some strategy and variety, there's also monotony after you've completed a few of the Campaign chapters. It's still thrilling, but gets repetitive after an hour or so. At least there's a


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